Wendy, a terrible snorer, would constantly wake up during the night to her own snores which

sounded like a foghorn. Being overweight was not helping her snoring situation but she enjoyed her food too much to diet. She was extremely self-conscious when guests were visiting, so much so that she would make sure she went to sleep hours after her guests! Even her daughter was being kept awake by her snores from another room!

 Embarrassed, she turned to breathing strips and a gum shield, but with no success. She would still wake herself up several times a night. So she tried cutting back on alcohol and using sleeping pills, but still there was no difference.

One day she came across an article about a woman with a similar snoring problem. The woman had used Breathing Relief’s nasal dilator, which Wendy had not heard of before. Since it was different to all of the strips and sprays she had tried before she decided to give it a go.

She ordered online from the website and the first night it arrived she jiggled it into her nose and went to sleep. The device kept her nasal passages open during the night and the next day she awoke feeling refreshed for the first times in years. Even her daughter could sleep more soundly!

It is now permanently a part of her bedtime routine and she feels like a whole new person.

Stop snoring naturally

Prevent dry mouth

Feel more refreshed

Improve sports performance

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The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is a natural, non-invasive, drug-free device that fits comfortably into your nose and enables you to breathe easily. It can help reduce or cure snoring, aid your sports performance and help you sleep better.

If you are not fully satisfied, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on this product, see our Returns Policy for terms and conditions.