35 year old Hannah*, only found out she was born with a nasal deviated septum when she was 25!  Before her diagnosis, Hannah endured days of breathing difficulties, constant headaches, dizzy spells and snoring during the night. With her symptoms worsening and, at times being unable to drive, Hannah was desperate to find out what was wrong with her.

As a child, Hannah had bouts of tonsillitis that never seemed to go away. During her early 20s she started avoiding smoky environments; not knowing why she had such difficulties breathing. When Hannah found out that she had a deviated septum, she was shocked it hadn’t been discovered earlier.

“ It eventually took something as simple as a doctor to look up my nose to find out what was wrong with me,” explains Hannah.

After her diagnosis, Hannah was presented with two treatments: surgery or medication. Hannah didn’t want the surgery, so started on the medication hoping they would put a stop to her embarrassing problem, which affected her work as a make-up artist. However, overtime she found she them to be ineffective, and didn’t like the idea of being on steroids for life.

After hearing about a product called, Breathing Relief, a drug-free, reusable, nasal dilator she started trailing one at night to see if it would help improve her airflow and stop the snoring.

Two years later, Breathing Relief has become part of Hannah’s everyday life. Using it nightly, to help relieve her snoring, and when she has a cold or feeling congested. Hannah doesn’t go a day without using her Breathing Relief, and best of all her trips to the doctors are now a distant memory!

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The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is a natural, non-invasive, drug-free device that fits comfortably into your nose and enables you to breathe easily. It can help reduce or cure snoring, aid your sports performance and help you sleep better.

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