About ten years ago my nose developed Rosacea (following blood poisoning from Peritonitis which had resulted in a major operation). Deviated septums were also involved and the Medicos stated they could operate on the nose to cure the condition both externally and internally during the same operation.

This operation was successful except that one nostril was improved but still blocked at night when laying down.  The doctors advised that to correct this residual problem would involve another operation “which may result in a cure or not”.  I didn’t fancy yet another operation and started using breathing strips which did offer some relief (sometimes combined with a nasal spray) and basically put up with the sleep problem. The doctors did not suggest the use of a Dilator.

I had never tried any Dilator during the next 10 years and as the doctors had not suggested its use I seem to have acquired the view that they were not of much use and continued with the strips/spray.

I bought my Breathing Relief in Waitrose as I thought I had nothing to lose and I still did not expect it to make much improvement. I was wrong.

Initially I tried the Dilator with the strips and noticed an immediate improvement. After a few weeks I was confident enough to use just the Dilator and now use only the Dilator which is working very well.   After my 4/5 months of use I feel that the use of the Dilator is also improving the airflow even when it is not inserted by its pushing back the nostril wall during the night into correct position.  It may be my imagination, but I don’t think so!

On reflection I very much wish the doctors had suggested trying a Dilator immediately that they knew there was a residual problem following the initial nose operation.   It would have helped!

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The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is a natural, non-invasive, drug-free device that fits comfortably into your nose and enables you to breathe easily. It can help reduce or cure snoring, aid your sports performance and help you sleep better.

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