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Success Stories Myuselim Myuselimov Myuselim Myuselimov from Germany spent years struggling with his breathing at night. Like 80% of the population he suffered with collapsed nostrils which can impair nasal breathing forcing breath intake  through the mouth instead....

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Success StoriesWendy Wendy, a terrible snorer, would constantly wake up during the night to her own snores which sounded like a foghorn. Being overweight was not helping her snoring situation but she enjoyed her food too much to diet. She was extremely self-conscious...

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Success StoriesJeremy Wright Jeremy Wright is the Director of Boileaus Estate Agents in Barnes and like many professionals he is time starved. The only time he gets to himself is during his morning runs. Mr Wright tried our product and LOVED it. Breathing properly...

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Success StoriesJoanne O'Donnell Joanne O’Donnell aged 35 has suffered from snoring for as long as she can remember. Her earliest memory of having a snoring problem was back in her early 20’s when she claimed that her snoring would wake the whole house. “I dreaded...

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Success StoriesEnrico Riva 38 year old Enrico used to snore to the point where he had difficulties breathing, accompanied with a throbbing headache in the morning. Untreated, Enrico would find getting out of bed to be a daily struggle, as a result of these symptoms....

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Success StoriesJan West Jan West, aged 49, from North London has been suffering with breathing problems for over 17 years.   Uncertain as to whether it was due to a cold or hay fever she visited her doctor who prescribed steroid spray. It worked immediately and a...

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Success StoriesBelinda Pavitt Belinda suffered from a snoring husband for many years. “Luckily I am a fairly deep sleeper but I would still wake up several times in the night and the more I woke up the more lethargic I would be in the morning.” Mrs Pavitt said her...

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Success StoriesHannah 35 year old Hannah*, only found out she was born with a nasal deviated septum when she was 25!  Before her diagnosis, Hannah endured days of breathing difficulties, constant headaches, dizzy spells and snoring during the night. With her symptoms...

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Success StoriesAnthony About ten years ago my nose developed Rosacea (following blood poisoning from Peritonitis which had resulted in a major operation). Deviated septums were also involved and the Medicos stated they could operate on the nose to cure the condition...

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