Running Accessories

Whilst not essential, there’s no doubt that running accessories can make the idea of pounding the pavement a lot more interesting. Whether you’re training for a marathon, or a casual runner, investing in some fun technology can help you achieve your fitness goals.

The nasal dilator from Breathing Relief™ is a unique running accessory. It comfortably opens the airways, increasing air-flow into the body, which means you inhale more oxygen. The more oxygen you intake, the harder you can push yourself.

Most runners know the awful feeling of “hitting the wall”, when you suddenly feel that you can’t go on. Using our nasal dilator can delay that dreaded block by ensuring you’re getting a higher level of oxygen throughout your workout. So you can start your run knowing that you’re better equipped to handle a longer distance or faster pace.

The nasal dilator can also also help with recovery when worn whilst sleeping. Getting enough, uninterrupted sleep is a must to ensure your body recovers from any workout. Using the nasal dilator and will allow you to feel rested and ready to face whatever new challenge the morning brings. It really is the one of the most effective running accessories.

Jeremy Wright is the Director of Boileaus Estate Agents in Barnes and like many professionals he is time starved. The only time he gets to himself is during his morning runs. Mr Wright tried our product and LOVED it. Breathing properly whilst exercising is so important. ” I found the nasal dilator to be very effective in improving my nasal breathing” says Jeremy. In terms of his sports routine he has found it to have a good effect on him whilst running.

Jeremy Wright

Director, Boileaus Estate Agents