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General Questions

Can it be used during sport?

By aiding breathing many people use it during their sports activities. However, we do not advise the use of a Breathing Relief™ dilator when participating in contact sports such as rugby, hockey, boxing etc.

Which type of breathing problems can this nasal dilator help cure?

All nasal restrictions relating to semi- or fully-collapsed nostrils.

Why does the collapsing of the nostrils cause such a problem?

Because the restriction of air during the inhalation process causes the mouth to open to supplement the necessary air supply to the lungs. Consequently the two-way air flow, results in snoring and also in some cases allows the tongue to fall back freely and thus block both airways (sleep apnoea).

How does your product compare with rival products?

This exclusive device allows personal control of air intake by adjusting the size of the nasal passages.



We will aim to process and send out your order within the timescales given below:


  • UK – 2-5 working days
  • Europe – 1-2 weeks
  • Rest of the World – 2-4 weeks

NB: Weekend orders will not be processed until Monday


  • UK 2nd Class Signed For – £3.99
  • International Standard – EU – £4.99
  • International Standard – Non EU – £4.99
  • International Tracked – EU (inc. 20% VAT) – £11.99
  • International Tracked – Non EU – £9.99
  • Rest of the World – £6.99


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