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How to Stop Snoring

The nasal dilator from Breathing Relief™ comfortably opens your airways, stopping them from collapsing and causing snoring. Drug free and simple to use, it is an effective device to combat snoring. Read the testimonials below and witness how it helped their lives.

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A Guide to A Good Night’s Sleep – Infographic

SleepA Guide to A Good Night Sleep – Infographic Sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle. You will notice that most articles about staying healthy mention getting enough sleep, or making sure you get to sleep on time. According to the National

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Weird Sleep Experiments: An Infographic

SleepWeird Sleep Experiments: An Infographic There have been lots of studies concerning sleep and its different aspects. Despite this, we still don’t fully understand it. Still, it’s necessary to keep on learning all there is about sleep. Any discovery could contain...

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SleepExperimenting With SleepOur blogger has been exploring the science of sleep. From testing theories to experimenting with new gadgets, she has the answers to all the important questions. How long should you really sleep for? Is a nightcap a good idea? Will...

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SportsA natural and drug free way to help you with your sports training.The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is used by professional and enthusiastic sports people to help them recover during sleep and increase sports performance. Breathing Relief™ can be worn during...

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At Breathing Relief we believe that everyone has the right to a decent night’s sleep.